Lynne PNP

We welcome Lynne Weissman, DNP, CPNP to Pomona Pediatrics!

Dr. Lynne has over nineteen years of experience as a nurse practioner in pediatrics. She is nationally certified, and is able to provide well and sick care for your children. She is qualified to practice independently in New York, and will work with the physicians of Pomona Pediatrics to deliver the high-quality care to which your family has been accustomed.

Dr. Lynne, as she prefers to be known, will be available four half days a week, and will schedule well care and sick care during those times. Her interests include well child care, management of ADHD and other related issues.

We welcome Dr. Lynne to Pomona Pediatrics, and are pleased to have a new practioner who will bring her unique approach to pediatric care to our patients.

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