Jesse Hackell MD, FAAP

Jesse Hackell, MD, FAAP, began practicing pediatrics in Rockland County in 1981, and became a founding member of Pomona Pediatrics in 1987.

He is a graduate of Princeton University, and received his MD degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1976. His pediatric residency was completed at Johns Hopkins as well, and he undertook one year of training in neonatal-perinatal medicine at The University of Texas in Houston.

He is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, with permanent certification. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and serves on the executive committee of the Section on Administration and Practice Management as well as the Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine.

Dr. Hackell and his wife make their home in Wesley Hills. He has two adult children, and one granddaughter. His interests include sailing, photography, fine art and gourmet cooking. He has also been an avid runner, and has completed twenty four marathons.

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Patient Reviews

Dr. Hackell was my doctor at Johns Hopkins beginning in 1977. I have never forgotten how he made a bad situation, my cancer diagnosis, a more emotionally manageable experience. I am glad that he is doing so well. Thanks Dr. Hackell.
- Kim Jennings Scales

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