Gerald Vogel MD, FAAP

Gerald Vogel, MD, F.A.A.P. has been practicing Pediatrics in Rockland County since 1991. He graduated from The Bronx High School of Science, SUNY  Albany, and  Downstate Medical School.

He was Chief Resident at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn where he was also the Assistant Director of the ER and Pediatrics Clinic. He is involved in coaching local children with their sports activities.

Dr. Vogel is the proud father of Olivia, Jake, and Cory. His best time is spent with his children.

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Patient Reviews

I love this office!! The staff is wonderful and very efficient! The doctors are all so kind and caring!

Dr. Vogel has treated my 3 sons throughout their childhoods and we could not have asked for a better pediatrician. He is patient, kind and understanding. As the boys matured, he always spoke with them at their level and treated them with respect and kindness. As they enter adulthood, they will miss Dr. Vogel -- we all will!
- Barbara McConnell

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